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LLC TEK Sistema works with the wide nomenclature of the transported freights by means of a rail, road and sea transport by many types of products. The most frequent customers are the entities of actively developing industries – oil and gas, power, trade, automotive industry and others.

We have a wide experience in development of logistic decisions for these sectors that guarantees quality and efficiency of rendering services.

Regular customers of "the popular directions" always receive a special priority, their orders are processed most quickly and successfully, special, more attractive prices are offered.


Thanks to team of professionals, we have executed a set of orders for leading enterprises of Russia and the whole world, have achieved success both in the industry market, and in the sphere of logistics.

Popular activities and the nomenclature of the processed freights the company:

  • Consumer goods – delivery by the most suitable transport and in the specified time.
  • Perishable goods – transportation of goods in accordance with the terms storages.
  • Car shippings – a transfer on car carriers, the railway message.
  • Logistics of spare parts – delivery of crucial spare parts in a short time.
  • Special equipment, ATVs, electrobicycles – ready decisions, a vast experience of transportations of off-gage loads.
  • Retail trade – a flash-like transfer, selection of the most acceptable routes.
  • The industry of fashion – any kind of transport, your terms – our logistics.
  • The oil and gas industry – delivery to inaccessible regions across Russia and between the countries, ready decisions for non-standard freights.
  • The energy industry – a wide experience in transportation of "not dimension", repeatedly worked projects.
  • Distribution of tires – delivery to the client's warehouse, storage in own warehouses, a transfer railway and motor transport.


  • Эпоха глобализма постепенно сходит “на нет”, закрытость “тайных экономик” постепенно давно уже пасует перед свободными внешними рынками. Еще с 1 февраля 2013 “железная” Швейцария отменила тайну банковских вкладов. К 2023 году будут преданы огласке все бенефициары Каймановых островов (Британская Заморская Территория).

  • Бум русских продуктов питания, начавшийся в 2014-15 годах в КНР на фоне резкого падения курса рубля к доллару, уже в 2017-18 годах почти сошел “на нет”. Ситуация на рынке стабилизировалась, определились узнаваемые продукты, торговые марки и логотипы. Китай “наелся”! В настоящее время ...

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