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Distribution of tires

доставка шин из китая

Our entity closely cooperates with the leading agents of a tire industry. Among them – producers of tires, distributors, representatives of wholesale and retail sales.

We have a wide experience of development of exclusive decisions in this sphere, it concerns as simple services (for example, storage and transportation of tires), and integrated solutions on distribution of tires.

Services in a stores organization and deliveries of car tires to the customer's warehouse:

  • Export of containers from a point of obtaining (port), transportation to a warehouse.
  • Loading of tires from containers in the car or in a rail transport – directly or through the client's warehouse. Tires can be loaded by two methods - "fir-tree" or "columns".
  • Storage in storage facilities.
  • Weighing, oshipovka.
  • Implementation of sorting and picking depending on type, the size, a batch, etc.
  • Registration of the necessary documentation (TIR, TsMR, transit, etc.).

Benefits of the company:

  • Complete responsibility to the client, scrupulous execution of the ordered obligations, confidentiality of information.
  • Preserving freights, ensuring their safety when transporting.
  • Availability of storage facilities for work with tires.
  • The specialized transport equipped with all necessary for transportation of tires.
  • To each client – an individual approach.
  • Flexible, beneficial prices.
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