Онлайн-консультант Приложение по отслеживанию сборных грузов

Energy industry

Энергетическая отрасль транспортировка грузов

In a portfolio of our company – several tens brilliantly realized projects on delivery of unique freights for an energy industry. Usually it is the difficult, oversized, multiton transportations performed by several types of special transport. In other words, logistics of multimodal transportations – one of well developed profiles of the company.

Usually similar projects are connected with development of a chain of offices of the logistic operator, the held engineering events, and also a number of the concord processes actual in case of passing of freights in the Russian Federation or between several countries.

The services provided by the Sistema company in the sphere of the energy industry:

  • Transportation management of unique freights.
  • The integrated logistics.
  • Creation and implementation of the plans projects directed to transportation of goods for various sectors of the industry.
  • Analysis and designing of schemes of multimodal deliveries.
  • Logistics of spare parts.
  • Registration at customs.
  • Performance of works on loading and unloading.
  • Survey of a string of a route.
  • Construction of roads, construction of moorings.
  • Reconstruction of ways of the railway message.
  • Coordination on all way of passing of freight, insurance.


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