Онлайн-консультант Приложение по отслеживанию сборных грузов

Delivery of perishable goods

перевозка, доставка скоропортящихся товаров

LLC System will organize fast transportation of perishable goods, on delivery whom it is necessary to observe high temperature condition.

In case of execution of the obligations we consider features of a transfer and handling of any kinds of products – fresh, cooled, refrigerated. The most suitable transport modes are for this purpose used, the ordered sanitary standards are respected, tough delivery dates are realized.

LLC System specializes in complex solutions of logistics and transportation of goods with a limited expiration date both across Russia, and in the cities of China, Japan and Korea. You can choose any convenient transport mode:

  • Automobile. Perishable loads are delivered in vans refrigerators, isometric heavy-load cars. In personal auto fleet of the company foreign cars of the brands Mitsubishi Fuso, Man, with a loading capacity of 14 tons, 50 cubic meters, 25 tons, 100 cubic meters.
  • Railway service. For transportation refsektion, isometric cars and containers, cars thermoses, refkonteyner are used.
  • Ocean ships (also refkonteyner and isometric containers).
  • Multimodal transportations are used for a long or intercontinental transfer.


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