Онлайн-консультант Приложение по отслеживанию сборных грузов

Logistics of spare parts

доставка автозапчастей из китая

Specialists of LLC System offer a full range of services in the most cost-efficient logistic decisions and high-quality servicing of the automobile industry.

We deliver the service spare parts constituting production capacities, ready cars and motor-equipment, we resolve issues of the software and paperless data exchange in the course of a cargo transportation.

We have improved partnership with the international and Russian companies in the sphere of automobile business.


  • Warehouse load handling. Experience of specialists of LLC System in repacking, cross-dock, warehousing of spare parts, and also in management of trade inventories of the customer (if necessary) allows to support the high level of transportation.
  • Delivery of oversized goods, including such as auto chemical goods, autooil, gas shock-absorbers and other.
  • Delivery of spare parts of combined freights and components of production capacities. Is followed by registration of necessary customs papers.
  • Customs registration of freights depending on a type of cargo, a border crossing point and a delivery mode.
  • Consolidation of freights in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Iu, Beijing, Suyfenkhe, Busan, Seoul and Niigata with a subsequent delivery to any region of Russia.
  • Transportations by different types of transport with control of a delivery status in real time.


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