Онлайн-консультант Приложение по отслеживанию сборных грузов

Delivery of cars

международные автомобильные перевозки

One of fields of activity of LLC System – transportation of cars by means of a railway service. We choose the most economic options on delivery of motor transport – for example, in transit freights on long distances grid cars or containers – that is the most sparing transportation methods are used. In addition to the railway message we deliver cars by means of specialized car carriers.

Why it is convenient to our clients to work with us? First, we provide services in a complex – since regular delivery of cars, finishing with warehouse handling and deliveries of service spare parts to a dealer network. Secondly, we have a wide experience of the organization of transportations from Korea, Japan and China, and also in the Russian Federation that allows to propose the optimal solutions profitable to customers.


  • The adjusted delivery of cars by means of containers from Vladivostok in the central part of the Russian Federation.
  • Fast transportation of cars from Moscow to regions of Russia.
  • Careful transportation of cars with use of grid cars even on small distances if it is necessary.
  • Direct transfer by means of a car carrier to a destination.
  • Complete list of services in transport-forwarding servicing.


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