Онлайн-консультант Приложение по отслеживанию сборных грузов

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Speed and convenience

Air transportation – the most expensive, and at the same time, the most high-speed delivery mode of freights on a long distance and between continents.

Delivery speed, than financial economy is more important for some types of freights. Availability of freight terminals at the airports and modern transport aviation much more simplifies handling of air freights and accelerates delivery from the sender to the receiver both in case of international, and for in-Russian cargo departures.

With our company of service of air transportation became even more universal and convenient as we render a full range of services in aviadelivery, since customs and insurance clearance and finishing with local cargo delivery to the ultimate consignee.

We offer logistic schemes of cargo delivery by the aircraft transport from the international airports:

авиа перевозка грузов, авиаперевозки из Китая, авиадоставка из Китая

Also we render services of a further customs clearance and subsequent distribution of freights in regions of Russia.

Acceptance and sending freights

Our company is accredited on cargo reception to Russia from abroad in freight terminals of the international airports Khabarovsk and Vladivostok.

After acceptance of an air freight from abroad it can be renewed and sent at the request of the customer to any point of Russia by the vehicle for choice: an avia, жд or motor transport, i.e. our company can execute a full range of works on in-Russian and international forwarding.

In-Russian and international forwarding

  • Авиатранспорт

    Aircraft transport

  • Автотранспорт

    Motor transport

  • морской

    Rail transport

Service in aviacargo delivery in preliminary coordination of the parties can be expanded. We can take away freight from the sender and to independently bring him to freight terminals of Vladivostok, Khabarovsk or Moscow for further sending by plane and cargo delivery from airport of destination to the consignee with issue "to hands".

Aviacargo delivery from China, especially from Beijing, and Hong Kong as with freight terminals of these airports through aircraft service is adjusted is in great demand.

Requirements to packaging of freights, following by the aircraft transport

  1. Freight shall be packed into boxes, well sealed and pasted over with the adhesive tape excluding access to content
  2. Packaging shall provide integrity of freight from mechanical damages
  3. On each cargo piece there shall be information on the Consignee (The name receiver/Full Name, the address, phone)


The prices of air transportation depend on many factors: nature of goods, urgency of handling, classification, weight, etc. Exact calculation of the freight charge is provided according to the preliminary application, or the direct address to specialists consultants of our company at which it is possible to receive answers and necessary consultation.

What is included air transportation in the price

  • авиатариф


  • ндс


  • бронирование


  • оформление


  • складирование


  • Погрузочно-разгрузочные работы

    Handling works

  • Маркировка


Transportation of expensive departures, measurement goods, heavy (which weight of one place exceeds 80 kg), freights of the non-standard sizes (large-size) is performed on specific contractual tariffs.

Freight is considered volume if its density less than 167 kg on 1 cubic meter. Shipment is performed usually after 100% of payment of the freight charge.


  • Несколько лет понадобилось, чтобы Россия и Китай, будучи членами сообщества системы TIR, стали применять интернациональные правила в области перевозки грузов, которые закреплены в соответствующей Таможенной конвенции. Начало положено, что дальше?

  • В Министерстве сельского хозяйства России сообщили о возможности скорого возобновления поставок мяса птицы в Китай. Вопрос обещают решить уже до конца 2018 года. Необходимые соглашения и протоколы о поставках замороженной птицы и молочной продукции были подписаны на днях. Эту информацию подтверждают и в Главном таможенном управлении КНР.

  • В 2018 году объем внешней торговли между Россией и Китаем преодолеет рубеж в 100 млрд долларов. Об этом заявил министр экономического развития Максим Орешкин в своем интервью ведущему печатному изданию. В беседе обсуждались перспективы развития российско-китайских торговых отношений.

  • Китай заявил о снижении ввозных пошлин на российские товары. В среднем на 7,5% были снижены пошлины более чем на 1500 наименований продукции. Пресс-служба Правительства Российской Федерации уже заявила о возможности превысить сумму в 100 миллиардов долларов США на объем товарооборота между Россией и КНР

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