Онлайн-консультант Приложение по отслеживанию сборных грузов

Container traffic from China, Japan, Korea

Groupage and consolidation

When sending small parties there is a need to consolidate the different nomenclature of cargo and / or cargo different senders or recipients to send it by sea or by road in a vehicle or a transport unit, such as a wagon or container. This method of sending called consolidation or groupage cargoes.

Full service

The company "System" has its own offices and agent network in Guangzhou and the border checkpoint Suyfynhe. We offer comprehensive services and low cost delivery of containerized cargo. Customs clearance and container shipments from China to the regions of Russia there is any means of transport. Shipping from China is fast and with maximum comfort, with minimal involvement of the customer in the process. Transportation does not require knowledge of the intricacies of the customer freight, logistics, customs clearance, or the implementation of foreign trade transactions.

  • Контейнерные перевозки из Китая


  • Любые виды транспорта

    Any kind of transport

  • Таможенное оформление


  • Минимальное участие клиента


Consolidation and Logistics Guangzhou - Vladivostok

Our company owns a warehouse in southern China's Guangzhou City, where all the requirements for proper storage and handling of incoming shipments. We debugged competent logistics and consolidation of cargoes in Russia.

Перевозка контейнеров из Китая

Stable, 1 time per week, we send a container from the port of Guangzhou (Huangpu) to Vladivostok. After unloading in the port of Vladivostok cargo passes customs clearance and release from the customs terminal. The container is then taken to the warehouse of the company and disband. On the same day the order is sent w / d, or by air to the recipient within a specified region of Russia. Delivery of cargoes from China to Moscow takes a little more than twelve hours.


At the request of customers in warehouses in China and Russia, we provide:

  • Тальманские и сюрвейерские услуги

    Tally and survey services

  • Фотоотчеты

    Photo report

  • Дополнительную упаковку товара

    Additional packing goods (cardboard boxes, plastic film, wooden boxes)

  • Организацию закупок товара

    Procurement goods for production in China, Vietnam, Thailand and other Asia-Pacific countries

Consolidation and Logistics Suyfynhe - Vladivostok

Consolidation also occurs at the border checkpoint Suyfynhe. Delivery in Russia to a temporary storage warehouse "eastern borders" and Grodekovo produced weekly by our own transport, which significantly reduces the cost of delivery. Our fleet consists of cars of different capacities. The speed of delivery vehicles is much higher than the sea. Clearance and release of cargo takes 2 days.

Сборные перевозки из Китая


South Korea

From the Republic of Korea Express delivery is ferries DBS Cruise Ferry route Donghae-Vladivostok-Sakaiminato. In normal weather, the ferry arrives from South Korea to Vladivostok in just 20 hours. The ferry cargo is secured on pallets. Consolidation takes place in Seoul, Incheon, Busan and Sokcho.


Sending consolidated cargo from Japan carried out with the following ports: Osaka, Tokyo, Kanazawa, Nagoya, Yokohama, Toyama, Kobe Sakayminato.

Southeast Asia

The total delivery time combined way (multimodal transport) with the countries of Southeast Asia to Moscow usually takes no more than 30-40 days.

The countries of Southeast Asia are Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Republic of Taiwan, and others.


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