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Delivery rail transport

Rail transport — one of the most demanded delivery types of various freights from ports of the Far East to Siberia, to the Urals and the European part of the country, and also in the opposite direction.

Rail haulings are performed

  • крытыми вагонами

    covered wagons

  • полувагонами

    gondola cars

  • Автомобильный


  • На платформах

    On platforms

  • Вагонами-термосами

    Cars thermoses

  • В контейнерах

    In containers

Standard freights are so transported. For off-gage loads there are special conditions of transportation.

The freight exceeding one of the following parameters is considered oversized:

  • параметр


    60 tons

  • параметр


    14 m

  • параметр


    3,25 m

  • параметр


    5,3 m


We render a full range of delivery services of freights by rail any type of cars, in 20 and 40-foot containers, and also off-gage loads. We completely control process of loading unloading and in advance we book a railway rolling stock, thus, reducing temporary costs for transportation and delivery.

жд перевозки из Китая

Rail haulings in containers are one of the most reliable, convenient and economic types of transport with the maximum guarantee of safety of freight. The most important advantage of transportation by containers by rail is lack of additional overloads of goods and convenience of export by a road transport to the client's warehouse.

Special conditions – delivery to Moscow

железнодорожные перевозки из китая
  • 7 days

    (high-speed post luggage car)

  • 12 days

    (standard container)

  • контейнерных поездов на Москву

    container trains to Moscow

Our company delivers an inward cargo after customs clearance rail transport to Moscow within MKAD and other cities of Russia in 7 days by the high-speed post luggage car or 12 days in the standard container (20 or 40 feet) on a railway platform. Weekly Vladivostok and the East port from various stations there are 5 container trains to Moscow.

Also there is a possibility of cargo delivery rail transport from China.

Transportation of goods rail transport is monitored by flight controllers in real time on all transit of the freight train. You can always learn from us where there is your freight at present.


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