Онлайн-консультант Приложение по отслеживанию сборных грузов


LLC System renders assistance in receipt of all existing allowing documents:

  • Certificate of conformity;
  • Sanitary and epidemiologic conclusion;
  • Exemption letters;
  • Fire certificate. 

The goods which have passed process of examination and certification, and received the certificate of conformity state standard specification P do not experience any difficulties when passing customs procedures. The legal entities or physical persons which are not realizing need for certification of the imported production inevitably lose the line items in the Russian market. 

The term of registration and cost of services in certification depends on type of production, availability of earlier arranged certificates, goods quantity (a batch, the contract, serial production) and features of the carried-out certification tests. After studying of all aspects of the forthcoming certification process the final cost and terms of rendering certified services, but as a rule no more 2kh is determined hours.


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